LDF Brings in an Iconic Zombie, the Voice and a Heroine from 1985



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Gary Streiner just keeps adding one after one to the fire, as the guest list for the Living Dead Festival grows.  But the list grows not only in quantity, but quality as well.



My “neighbor” Paula Richards



Recently, Gary added Paula Richards.  The name might not be familiar, but her image certainly is.  George Romero refers to the ghouls in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD as “the neighbors,” and Paula is the ghoul in the white dress in this shot that I gave the same name.  Paula’s only done one con before, so it’s a boon to get her at the LDF.  If you love NOTLD like I do, this is a must meet and worth the trip to Evans City, PA on its own.



The neighbors

The neighbors



Tonight, Charles Craig joined the list.  Craig is the voice behind the radio broadcasts in the film, as well as on the TV in some scenes.  He’s the man who made the Zenith famous in the film.  He also played a ghoul in the film.  I was fortunate to interview him as a buildup to the last LDF.  Tell me whatever you will about some musical talent show on NBC, but for me, Charles is The Voice.




Charles Craig, undead and reporting



Between these two exciting announcements, Gary slipped in a heroine who, though not in NOTLD, has the heritage and played the part of a heroine in one of the film’s descendants.  Lori Cardille, who essayed the role of Sarah in the last part of Romero’s trilogy DAY OF THE DEAD, is on board for the LDF, joining her father Chilly Billy Cardille.  Lori was off the con circuit for a long while, but she’s returned in recent years, and I was grateful to meet her at a Chiller show.  A few weeks later I interviewed Lori in NYC, and she’s just as gracious and kind as I had hoped for.




Lori in her iconic role as Sarah



Check out the LDF’s official site and its Facebook page and pass on the good word as DE promotes and supports what looks to be an astoundingly impressive convention.


If you love NOTLD, zombies, and the filmography of George A. Romero, thank Gary kindly.  His efforts go well above and beyond what we fans could ever expect, and he’s just a genuinely down-to-earth guy as well.  You couldn’t hope for more from the curator of a classic piece of film history.


-Phil Fasso

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