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I originally discovered THE BABY back in 2008. I was desperate for a Saturday night flick and on a fateful trip to Hollywood Video, I picked up a DVD, some Wendy’s, a pack of Newports and called it a night. I got home, plopped on my couch, cannonballed my Wendy’s and engaged in what is no doubt the most bizarre movie I’ve ever seen.


What I expected to be just a “killer kid” movie just based off the cover, turned out to be an eye opening, twisted movie that I have a hard time describing to others without giving too much of the plot away. So, for those who haven’t seen, I’ll avoid spoiling the ending, because once you see it, you’ll watch it again and again and again.


Kept by his mother (superbly played by the late great Ruth Roman) and two bratty sisters, “Baby” (never given a name) is a 21 year old man who has been kept in a state of arrested development just so the family can receive  benefits. So when a social worker (played by Anjannette Comer), who looks like Lynda Carter’s older twin, takes an interest in this case, things get weird. The family suspects shenanigans are afoot and craziness ensues from there. There’s not a lot of details I can give you without ruining the mystique of this movie, so I’ll skip on any further details. But after one viewing, I was hooked and it soon found a place on my movie shelf as I had sought out the DVD and the VHS!


So, as you can imagine, this movie has gained itself quite a cult following with the bizarreness of the subject alone. It’s been releases over many formats, but on July 8th, Severin Films is releasing this great movie on Blu-Ray for the first time! And I gotta say, I’ve seen this movie on over many formats, but never have I seen(and heard) the movie so clear before. I’m not an expert on sound definition or frame dimensions when it comes to these things, so you’ll just have to take it from me that if you want a definitive release with crystal clear sound and perfect picture this is that release. The extras on the disc aren’t too shabby either. An audio interview done with director of the movie, the late Ted Post  and Baby himself David Mooney. For you trailer fanatics, don’t worry, an awesome Grindhouse-style trailer is included in it’s entirety.


As a fan, I can honestly say this is a very pleasing release and Severin definitely put out their best effort on THE BABY. If you’ve never seen this, now is the best time to pick it up and experience it as it should be. You won’t be sorry. You’ll discover why I hold it to such a high regard.  If you don’t pick it up, well, you’ll just have to sit in your crib and cry, because you’re truly missing out…


-Chad E. Young

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