Hell Of Fame

Out there in the darkness of the abyss, there are legions of them:  Horror films, directors, books, authors, characters.  The multitudes scour the landscape like so many broken corpses, but only the chosen few stand out…


Only a select handful become the stalwarts, the titans, the legendary…


Only they are inducted into the Hell of Fame.



An angry Kong at the gates of the Hell of Fame
An angry Kong at the gates of the Hell of Fame




Join us at damnation’s edge for the guided tour of Hell…..



The Hall of Classics


Kevin McCarthy


King Kong


Damien Thorn



Peter Cushing



The Bride of Frankenstein



Michael Jackson’s Thriller


Romero Country


John Amplas


The Wampum Mines



The Monroeville Mall


Evans City, PA



Duane Jones


Big Daddy



The Women of Horror Hall


Nancy Thompson


Dee Wallace


Zelda Rubinstein


The Alien Queen



The Hall of Slashers




Freddy Krueger

Wes Craven







David Hess



The Still Reigning Conservatory


Reign in Blood




The Snack Bar


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup




Independents Way


Jeremiah Kipp




Tromaville Basement

(below Independents Way)



Lloyd Kaufman


Will Keenan


Debbie Rochon




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