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Ya know those bratty kids down the street that you just can’t stand? The ones you know will grow up to be murders and serial killers? Sure you do! You’ve seen the kids! They torture mice, take photos of their sister naked and sell them to their classmates for a buck? Yup. Those kids. Sure, kids will be kids, but there are some kids that will end up being the next Charles Manson.


And those are the kind of kids that are featured in BLOODY BIRTHDAY. A movie from 1981 that revolves around three kids born during a solar eclipse. Now, for some reason, that takes away any conscience from these three children. So from an early age, they have no remorse, no sympathy, no concept of right and wrong. They have no objection with killing random strangers or even their father. These three kids are all about death and destruction. It’s a pretty cool movie actually, because these kids look like your average neighborhood children and you’d never believe they’d do anything wrong.



Pyscho kids ready for a bloody birthday



This movie has a very unique take on the “killer kids” because it’s such a weird story. I mean, I’m no science major, but the thought of a Solar Eclipse effecting three children to the point that they want to kill everyone in sight, is a real stretch but a new one. Sure, you have to suspend belief, but in a sci-fi/horror world, it’s pretty cool. The kids play their roles pretty darn good too. Especially Curtis, played by Billy Jayne, the kid with glasses you see above. Out of the three, he seemed to have really slipped into the role the most comfortably, going to all and any lengths to maintain his dominance. The deaths are pretty basic for a slasher, but it’s more shocking coming from three innocent looking children. Especially how lacking of empathy they are. Meanwhile, the one target the kids can’t seem to kill or stop is the  young Timmy. Timmy starts to think that he’s friends with Debbie, Curtis and Steven. Eventually Curtis and Steven lock him in an abandoned fridge in a junkyard. Escaping, he convinces his sister, played by Lori Lethin, how evil they are and tries everything in their power to convince others. Eventually, Timmy and his sister takes them down in the end. Debbie gets away with her mother who move on, leaving the past behind and start anew. But not before Debbie has one more kill in her…


Another fun part is the entertaining topless dance by a young pre-MTV Julie Brown in her bedroom. Young Debbie charges Curtis and Steven a quarter to watch her change and dance around in her underwear which is, as expected, a favorite scene amongst fans of the movie. But since I try to keep Death Ensemble at a PG-13 level, I’ll just use this photo of her and you can use your imagination.




Julie Brown in a tight sweater. You’re welcome.



On July 8th, our friends at Severin Films is releasing a BluRay edition that contains a great transfer, great sound. Extras will include a sit down interview with Lori Lethin in which she goes in depth about her experiences on the film and her life and career. Another feature includes an interview with director Ed Hunt and a Brief History of Slasher Films. Sadly, no trailer is included, but the transfer and sound is well worth the price of purchase.


Especially seeing Julie Brown dance around topless.


-Chad E. Young


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