BLOODY MOON quad poster. Exploitation at its best



Ok confession time.


I pride myself on being a very big slasher fan, seeking out any and all slashers I can possibly find. No matter how obscure, how famous, how good, how bad, how rare or common, I try to fill my life with as many slasher movies as I can. So, when the fine folks at Severin films sent me a screener package of THE BABY, BLOODY BIRTHDAY and BLOODY MOON, I was only familiar with the first two. But BLOODY MOON, I had heard about but never seen. I knew I was in for a treat. I love discovering slashers I’ve never seen and to see BLOODY MOON the way it was meant to be is the best way to expose myself to it. Uncut. Now, on top of that, I’ve never seen a Jess Franco film, so this may or may not be the best way to judge the late director. Now, as I said, I’ve only heard of this movie but not too much. So going in with a clear mind was rather refreshing. As a slasher fan, I look for fresh kills and gags. It’s hard to do, after being a fan for over 25 years, but this movie delivered it for me. Especially the famously gory saw death that one has to see to believe. While the story of a disfigured killer killing gorgeous women in many brutal ways has been done before, this movie does it well from different POV’s and in a different style.


Also, unlike with previous foreign movies I’d seen, I was able to look past the bad dubbing and still get into the story. I know that as a movie fan I should look past dubbing, no matter how bad it is, but it’s rather distracting to me and takes me out quickly. But for some reason, this movie kept me in for the duration.


The audio on this disc is perfect. While I have nothing else to compare it to, as it was my first viewing, I’d imagine fans will be more than happy with the audio. And just like previous releases from Severin Films, the picture is crystal clear and looks like it came directly from the original print. A flawless picture made the viewing experience even more fun. Extras including a trailer for the film and an interview with the late director, who dispenses his valuable wisdom on making horror movies.  It’s a must watch for all fans of horror.


For a movie I’ve never seen, from a director whose films I’ve never seen, I must say I was very pleased with BLOODY MOON and I definitely look forward to adding more Jess Franco films to my library. If you’re interested in adding BLOODY MOON to your collection, Severin is bringing you the uncut, hi-def Blu Ray on July 8th. Don’t miss out, you won’t be sorry.


-Chad E. Young


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