It Was Always You: Virginia Madsen Graces Oct. Chiller





If you’ve been to at least 5 horror conventions, odds are about 1000% that you’ve seen or met Tony Todd.  The ubiquitous star of CANDYMAN is no stranger to personal appearances at horror shows. Well, now you’ve got the chance to meet Candyman’s beloved Helen, as Virginia Madsen comes to this October’s Chiller.



Madsen and mirror make for a bad union



Virginia’s been in plenty of genre fare, with HIGHLANDER 2 and HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT on her resume.  But the hardcore horror fans will always remember her as the spirited protagonist who forms a complicated relationship with the Candyman.




The lovely Virginia Madsen



I surmise that this alone will draw plenty of fans to her table at Chiller.  It also doesn’t hurt that she’s one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, and a talented actress to boot.



Madsen exits the mouth of Hell



Check out the Chiller lineup.  With Deborah Foreman, Don Coscarelli and now Madsen added within the first week of announcements, this is shaping up to be a stellar Chiller lineup already.  I only hope the show adds Tony Todd (which really should be as easy as getting an angry bee to sting), so CANDYMAN fans such as myself can enjoy a reunion that would certainly qualify as sweets to the sweet.


-Phil Fasso


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