The Son of Satan Comes to LI on July 28th. THE OMEN Screens in Huntington



THE OMEN creased poster



In 1976, the greatest horror movie of all time hit theatres.  Richard Donner’s THE OMEN  shocked, stunned and scared millions of viewers on its way to becoming a huge box office hit that spawned a number of sequels.  Years later I would see it as a child on videotape, and it instantly became my favorite horror movie.  And now I’m going to get my chance to see it as it was meant to be seen, in glorious 35mm on a big screen.


On July 28, the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington hosts a devilish double feature of THE OMEN and ROSEMARY’S BABY.  Polanski’s groundbreaking film about the birth of Satan paved the Satanic path for Damien’s birth and ascension to Earth (with a little, overrated flick called THE EXORCIST in the middle, but CAC isn’t showing that one).  THE OMEN is one of the few horror flicks that gives me the chills watching it again and again, even though I know what’s coming.  And now I’ll get those chills in the company of others, with Satan’s son projected onto the silver screen.




The double feature straight from Hell



THE OMEN stars a stellar cast, led by Gregory Peck and Lee Remick and rounded out by Billie Whitelaw, David Warner and Harvey Stephens as Damien.  It’s a harrowing tale of a man who has to live with a bad decision, even as it might be causing the deaths of others.  It’s also a classy affair, with one of the greatest horror scores of all time from Jerry Goldsmith.  Brilliant in every aspect, it’s the perfect horror film.


The CAC’s Summer Camp is light on horror this season, but it redeems itself by showing the best of Satan all in one night.  If it’s not going to inundate me with heaps of horror flicks, it might as well pack a powerful double shot into one glorious night born of fire.  Check out the entire lineup here.


Join me at the CAC on July 28 at 10:30 pm for a night of hellacious fun.  I’ll be the big evil one chanting “Ave Satani.”


Don’t miss this one.  You have been warned.


-Phil Fasso

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2 Responses to The Son of Satan Comes to LI on July 28th. THE OMEN Screens in Huntington

  1. Latasha Green says:

    Wish i could be there. I some day the
    these movies could be seen in the city. Im a big fan of both movies ..have fun.

  2. Latasha Green says:

    Wish i could be there. Big fan..maybe when they come to the city.

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