Death Ensemble Presents The Tour Through Hell



Satan in sepia



Investing so much time writing about THE OMEN has left me with Hell in my mind.  I guess it’s only natural, given the franchise’s themes and all, that all that time with the Antichrist would inspire The Tour Through Hell.


Given that I like to write to themes myself, I’ll spend the next several posts focusing on other visions of the abyss and the dark lord himself.  It’s time to visit Rosemary and Regan, Tom Cruise and Tim Curry, dark churches and sinister cults.  We may even visit the small town of Castle Rock, and a particular little shop set up by a Mr. Leland Gaunt.  Hey, Satan gets around.  And I’ve got him by the tail.


I may even share my thoughts on writing my last script.  It’s a screwball romantic comedy that, lending itself to my predilections, involves Satan and two seductive demons.


We’ll start off, naturally, with a look at Slayer’s second album, Hell Awaits.  If you didn’t see this one coming, you haven’t been paying attention.


If you know what Ave Satani means… If you enjoy spinning heads vomiting pea soup… If you’ve just rented an apartment in the city and your new neighbors are looking at you as if you’d make a good bride for a goat-legged beast… If you acknowledge that Hell awaits us all…


Then Death Ensemble is the place for you.


-Phil Fasso

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