April Fool’s Daying this October Chiller





So the opening salvo of Chiller Theatre’s guests hit today, and it’s got a pleasant surprise for me.  Deborah Foreman is among the first guests listed for the con.


Deborah Foreman slightly mugging



Foreman was a mainstay of 80s film, with VALLEY GIRL and MY CHAUFFFEUR among her catalogue.  More importantly to horror fans, she headlined two offbeat horror flicks, APRIL FOOL’S DAY and WAXWORK.  I love Deborah so much in these movies that I dedicated the Deborah Foreman Double Shot to her, my reviews of these two flicks.  She mugs incessantly through all her films, and I love every one of her whacky facial expressions.  From Day 1, I’m excited to meet a guest at an upcoming Chiller.  And that’s awesome news.


You too may be excited about the opening guest list.  PHANTASM fans can look forward to Michael A. Baldwin, and for those who love the classic THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, there’s Billy Gray.  Who also starred in WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS.  And that’s an accomplishment.


Check out the guest list, which also sports Tom Wopat of The Dukes of Hazzard fame, and Patty Duke.  With luck, we’ll get a lot more horror guests as the weeks count down toward the show.




Foreman in the thrall of de Sade




For now, I just lavish in the knowledge that I’ll be soon to meet a mugging 80s icon.  Deborah Foreman is a great way to start.


-Phil Fasso


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