R.A. Mihailoff- The Saw Is Family Fun (Audio)



R.A. explains to Kate he’s just misunderstood



R.A. Mihailoff looks like one big, bad biker dude, the type of guy who would rip your head clear off the shoulders if you sideways glanced at him wrong.  But man, can looks be deceiving.  The man who played Leatherface in the third TCM installment is actually one awesome guy!  He’s got a sharp sense of humor, and he’s beyond appreciative of his fans.


He was so kind, in fact, that he took some time out this past Saturday at Mad Monster Party to let me conduct an interview with him.  You’ll get from his first answer that R.A. is just as much Jerry Seinfeld as he is Hell’s Angel.  Give it a listen below.



Click>>> R.A. chainsaws my funny bone <<< here



Please forgive the brief hiccup in the middle—a fan stopped by to praise him, and I always pause the recorder when this happens, as I’ll never get between the celebs and the money they’re there to make.



R.A. and Fasso- two refined gentlemen




As a fellow big man who’s often misunderstood, I appreciate R.A. Mihailoff probably more than most fans would.  But if you don’t love the guy after this interview… maybe you belong on the wrong end of a chainsaw.


Thanks again, R.A.!


-Phil Fasso

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