Howard Sherman- The Romero Retrospective (Audio)



Howard Sherman salutes the fans



Ed. note-  Let the fun begin!  Today I kick off Death Ensemble’s coverage of the Mad Monster Party convention this past weekend in Charlotte, NC.  And what better way to start off the celebration than with an interview with Howard Sherman.  I enjoy the Romero Retrospective more than any other theme on DE, and interviewing is my favorite part of running the site.  If you love Romero, you’ll love Howard’s candid, well-thought out answers.-  P.F.



For most George Romero fans, myself included, Bub will always be remembered as their favorite zombie.  Capable of caring for Dr. Logan, able to shave his face poorly and try to read a book, Bub is a zombie with heart.


Fortunately, so is the actor who played him.  I met Howard Sherman many years ago, and he was kind enough to discuss Bub and DAY OF THE DEAD long before I had a website.  This past weekend at Mad Monster Party, Howard was generous in allowing me to interview him.




Savini hard at work on Bub



Like most Romero folk, he’s got nice things to say about the director.  He also discusses what liberties Romero allowed him with the role, working with Tom Savini and prosthetic makeup, and what it takes to distinguish a zombie from the horde.  Give it a listen below.





Thanks so much for chatting with me, Howard.  You’re a class act, even if you’re most famous for eating people.


-Phil Fasso

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