Mark Torgl- The Tromatic Return of Melvin! (Audio)



Melvin worked at the Tromaville gym…



Lloyd Kaufman will kindly tell anybody who will listen (and even those who won’t) that he’s president of Troma Studios and creator of the Toxic Avenger.  But before there was Toxie, there was… Mark Torgl.  Yes, the 98 lb weakling who would become the mutated star of four films and the logo for Troma started off with… well, a 98 lb weakling Torgl.


Thought long gone after his cameo in TOXIC AVENGER IV: CITIZEN TOXIE, Mark Torgl has returned!  And I have proof.  This past Saturday at Mad Monster Party, I conducted an interview with the man behind the hideously deformed monster hero of superhuman size and strength.  Give it a listen below.



Click >>>The man behind the mop speaks!<<< here



Mark Torgl may be the true reason behind Troma’s success.  He’s the bridge between Lloyd’s sex comedies and his horror flicks, and he’s THE FREAKING TOXIC AVENGER!!!


Oh yeah, and he’s a nice guy.  Nice enough to let me interview him.  Thanks, Mark!


-Phil Fasso

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