Dee Wallace- Sweetest Woman in Horror (Audio)



The lovely Dee Wallace




Dee Wallace is my favorite horror actress.  I full well know I can count on her for two things:  being a dependable actress in horror films, and the sweetest person on the convention circuit.  Through THE HILLS HAVE EYES, THE HOWLING and up through more recent fare such as Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, Dee’s spent more than 30 years giving solid performances in some of the genre’s favorite films.  And from the very first time I met her at a rare January Chiller Theatre show, she has been the loveliest celebrity I’ve ever spoken with.


Before this past weekend’s Mad Monster Party con in Charlotte, NC, it had been nearly 4 years since I’d seen her on the circuit.  Far too long.  I get her autograph every time I meet her, and this time she sweetened the pot:  I got an interview with Dee.  Though she was a little worn out from 6 hours of signing on Saturday, she graciously sat with me and proved again just what a class act she is.


As it’s easy to find Dee’s answers to all sorts of typical questions all over the internet, I focused mainly on the wide range of directors she’s worked with (Wes Craven, Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Rob Zombie, primarily).  It’s the first time I’ve taken this approach, so I’m not sure if it worked.  One thing I am sure of is that Dee’s answers are great.


Look forward in the near future to Dee Wallace as our next Hell of Famer. She’s just that good on screen, and even better in person.



 Click >>> Listen to the Lovely Dee Speak on Her Career <<< here




As always, Dee Wallace

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