WRATH OF THE CROWS Comes down on Rochon, Shepis



Horror hottie Debbie Rochon

Horror hottie Tiffany Shepis















Reuniting actors from movies always has the chance to be nostalgic fun.  Especially when the movie is TROMEO AND JULIET, and the actresses are Debbie Rochon and Tiffany Shepis!  Looking to satisfy Troma fans, people who love B-movie hotties and those who enjoy massive gore (wait, I just described Troma fans!), director Ivan Zuccon has sniffed a bit of the aroma du Troma and put together WRATH OF THE CROWS.  The trailer below involves imprisonment, a series of judgment flags, black birds, cannibalism and the Rochon-Shepis double power punch.  How could this movie go wrong?






For those who need a refresher course, go watch Lloyd Kaufman’s ode to William Shakespeare’s tweener romance TROMEO AND JULIET.  Rochon and Shepis shine, with Debbie in a steamy erotic lesbian scene and Tiffany in a fight where she sent a dude to the hospital during filming.  Then get ready for some amped up horror in WRATH OF THE CROWS.  If the trailer is any indication, you’re in for a Hell of a ride, with two of Troma’s top ladies leading the way.


I’ll cover more WRATH OF THE CROWS as I find out more about the film. Hopefully I can get Debbie or Tiffany to do some Death Ensemble interviews.  If so, I’ll make sure to cover their entire careers.  For now, feast on the trailer, and read the plot synopsis on the Youtube page.  And get ready for the wrath.


-Phil Fasso



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