Quality YA Horror Coming in Charming Incantations




Horror need not be all about blood and gore and nudity.  If you’re looking for ways to introduce a youngster to the genre without terrifying or corrupting her for life, there’s a whole world of YA fiction out there.  It’s more than a few steps beyond the Goosebumps books, and will encourage your kid to pick up a book (or Kindle, or Ipad, or what have you) and learn the joy of reading.  South African author Monique Snyman is set to introduce some quality YA fiction soon with her Charming Incantations series.


I’ve read some of Monique’s short fiction, including screenplays and short stories, and the lady has talent.  You should check out her stuff on Killer Aphrodite if you’re interested in getting a feminine take from a part of the world not exactly associated with great horror.  She has a nice grasp for the genre, and is comfortable in the world of zombies, werewolves, vampires and the like.




Enticed cover art



Now Monique is set to unleash upon the world a whole universe she’s created in the Charming Incantations series.  The website for the books provides a brief synopsis for each work in the trilogy, as well as other treats.  There’s information about the author, and a forum for her audience.  Best of all is a blog in which Monique explains much of the background, including her inspirations for the series and the intricacies of writing about a location she’s never visited.  It’s all the interesting information you usually never get behind a text, and definitely worth a look if you’re invested in the series.


Monique Snyman is an up-and-coming voice in the world of horror.  Her Charming Incantations series sounds like a great way to get a child into the genre we all love so much, without scarring her for life.


-Phil Fasso


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