Decapitations! Lesbians! Hideously Deformed Monster Heroes of Superhuman Size and Strength! TROMADANCE Returns!






A few years ago I met fellow Hell of Famer Will Keenan fanatic Taylor Sprow at the NYC screening of THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X.  I haven’t really spoken with her much since, so you can imagine my joy and surprise when she sent me an email a few weeks back to let me know that TROMADANCE is coming back to Brooklyn for its 2nd year!  Long Live Independent Film!  Long Live Troma!  Long Live Lloyd Kaufman… okay, well he’s getting up there in years, so I can’t guarantee much with that one.


Here’s the content of the email from Taylor:


Heads up! Troma Entertainment is returning to Brooklyn with the 16th Annual TromaDance Film Festival! Back for its second year in New York City, TromaDance is the first film festival wholeheartedly devoted to filmmakers and fans coming together to support independent cinema.


Come down to The Paperbox NYC July 24-25, 2015! As always, the TromaDance film festival is completely FREE—submission fees, film screenings, panels—all FREE!


Even better, the celebration doesn’t end after the last screening! The TromaDance after party starts at 10pm. Brooklyn Vegan has called it “the weirdest and best show Williamsburg has seen in a long while”, so have a drink, enjoy some live music, and help close out a Tromazing weekend!


Troma president Lloyd Kaufman and South Park co-creator Trey Parker developed TromaDance to showcase the work of independent filmmakers without the high costs, inaccessibility, and Hollywood elitist feel of other festivals. So join us at The Paperbox NYC to help give art back to the people!


As the email states, TROMADANCE is totally FREE. And though I know from having seen some of the previous years’ entries that the, ahem, quality of the films varies widely, I can guarantee that seeing a film marathon with a legion of Troma fans has got to be special.


I plan on showing for at least one of the two days and possibly both.  As a previous “Lunch with Lloyd Kaufman” winner, I’ll do my best to get interviews with some of the rising, ahem, talent on hand.  You can get more info from the Troma website here.

And while I’m mentioning inductees from the Troma Wing of the Hell of Fame, one of the films on show stars Death Ensemble’s Queen of Queens of independent cinema, Debbie Rochon.


Horrified by my clean shave! Lunch with Lloyd!
Horrified by my clean shave! Lunch with Lloyd!




But seriously, Lloyd’s getting old.  Join the Hell of Fame inductee before he shrivels up someday soon and dies.


Special thanks to Taylor Sprow for the heads up.  I hope she has a great time downing drinks with Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD!


-Phil Fasso


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