Jeremiah Kipp- Making the Horrific Look Beautiful (Audio)



Jeremiah Kipp directing



One of the niceties of running a horror blog is that sometimes I pop open my DE email and there’s a message from someone wanting me to view his work.  This is how I came across Jeremiah Kipp, who sent me a link to his short “Contact.”  Since then I’ve reviewed several of Jeremiah’s short films, and they reassure me there’s a lot of quality film being shot on the independent scene.



Jeremiah was gracious enough to meet me over some coffee at Starbucks and chat for a while about his work.  Kipp and I discuss the challenges of working on the indie scene, shooting in black-and-white, and directing Romero favorite Tom Savini.  Most importantly, we talk about his ability to make some really horrific stuff look beautiful on film.


So sit back and listen to a director whose name should be much more well known than it is.


Thanks for the interview, Jeremiah.  I look forward to more greatness from you in the future.



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