Catherine Corcoran- A Tromatic Interview (Audio)



The lovely and daring Catherine Corcoran



Acting in a Troma film is an act of bravery.  To play the lead a Troma film, it takes one especially courageous actor.  One such lady is Catherine Corcoran.





Catherine acts alongside Asta Paredes in Lloyd Kaufman’s newest endeavor, the two-volume RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH.  She was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone.  During our chat, we discuss the Aroma du Troma, including what it’s like to be directed by Lloyd, meeting the Tromites at Tromadance and acting in the Youtube sensation Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner.  And she lets me in on what it’s like to be the first actress in the history of film to suffer a duck rape.


Thank you for a truly Tromatic interview, Catherine!  You rock!


Special thanks to Roger Paul for arranging this interview.  Apologies for any issues with the sound quality, as I tweaked it as best I could.


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