5th Annual Macabre Faire Film Festival Hits Long Island





Death Ensemble’s own Michael Stever, filmmaker/ director extraordinaire, spent some time last month at the Macabre Faire Film Festival, where his piece on Jan Broberg was an official entry.  Mr. Stever scored some great video interviews, which you can find in the video below.


It’s great to see the kind people behind Macabre putting on such a show on my own native Long Island.  They got great support when I visited their festival last year, and they’ve established themselves firmly here on LI as supporters of independent film.


Enjoy the video, and thank Michael Stever for his endeavors with his camera at Macabre Faire.  Look below for the short list of kind people and dedicated filmmakers that Michael interviewed.





Jason Galka—TV host


LC Macabre and Adam Ginsberg—promoters


Jay Kay—Horror Happens radio host


Matt Rosvally and Sammy Mena—filmmaker and actor, “Manhattan’s Monster”


Joe Barbarisi—filmmaker, “Flowers for the Dead”


Tom Sullivan— visual effects, EVIL DEAD films


Eileen Dietz—actress


Drew Dammron, John Nodorft—director and cinematographer, “Little Goat”


Barbara Weber—composer, “Baggage”


Rich Orth- poet, Poetry Girls


Steve James Creazzo, Ali Stover, Diana Cherkas—director and cast of “My Little Demons”


Kelly Michael Stewart—writer/ director, “One More for the Road”


Alfredo S. Arcilesi—director, part of the “In Fear” series


John Sheehan—director, “Doll Collector”


Patrick Devaney, Gail Wisun-Gooch—director and costume designer, “Aemorraghe”


Melissa Otero- singer


Claudio Laniado—director, “Roy”


James Christopher—director, “Co-Ed Campfire Carnage”


Alan Howarth, Michael Patrick Stevens— composer and director, “Brutal”



-Phil Fasso, Editor-in-Chief

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  • Joe Barbarisi

    Great Job guys