Will Keenan: An Edgier, More Brilliant Audio Bonanza (Audio)



Will Keenan continues to challenge the viewer



Upon meeting Will Keenan at the IFC Center in NYC, he told me he’d just come from hanging out with Philip Seymour Hoffman.  I joked that it must be one Hell of a different experience coming from that Phil to this one.  Will graciously made it sound as if he valued this Phil just as the Oscar winner.  BUT.  Though I can’t normally say this about Academy Award winners, I’ve got the one-up on Hoffman here:  I got to interview Will Keenan.  And he didn’t!  At least I think he didn’t.


Will was gracious to spend about 15 minutes with me before he introduced THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X at the IFC.  I’ve interviewed a lot of genre celebrities, and I can honestly say this interview is among the top of my list.  Will’s edgy brilliance comes through in every answer.





Oh, and this is the only interview I’ve conducted where the star got up to shout out a fan and give her free stuff in the middle of an answer.  Yes, Will Keenan rules.




Keenan and Phil (Fasso, not S. Hoffman)
Keenan and Phil (Fasso, not S. Hoffman)



And you can even call him Tromeo if you meet him in the street.


Much love, Will.


-Phil (not Seymour Hoffman) Fasso



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