Save the Evans City Chapel, a Part of Cinematic History!




The dead want to fix the chapel



Credit Gary Streiner with being NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD’s greatest historian, and the single driving force in preserving the film’s legacy.  Gary’s two Living Dead Festivals gave fans the opportunity to meet stars of the film they would never have met at any other con.  The NOTLD museum at the last LDF contained many original news articles and pieces of memorabilia from the time of the filming and release.  Now, Gary’s promoting a new cause, the Save the Evans City Chapel drive.


The chapel is in a state of disrepair, and needs some fixing.  I’ve seen it in person, when I was in Evans City for the 2nd LDF, and it’s in bad shape after years of weathering those Pittsburgh winters.  Gary’s started a Facebook group, at [email protected].  By all means, if you have a Facebook page, show your support for a part of film history.  It’s 1,800 people strong already, and growing.


Gary’s famous for saying, “Respect the dead.”  It’s advice he truly follows, and if you want to help preserve the sanctity of the dead, check out his page dedicated to saving the chapel.  You’ll help to keep a part of film history intact.  And the living dead will be very grateful.


-Phil Fasso



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