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As I take what may very be my farewell tour of conventions, tomorrow and likely Friday I head to New York Comic Con.  The people in charge were kind enough to provide me with a press pass, and I’ll be covering the show for Death Ensemble.  Fortunately, I now have the advantage of living in Queens, and I’m much more city savvy than the last time I went to this show, back in something like 2009 or so.


Since then, this con has changed dramatically.  It was originally a much smaller scale event, focused mainly on comic book people, with a smattering of celebrities.  The forces that be revamped it into the East Coast version of San Diego Comic Con, with scores of celebrities and more of a main event status.  As evidence of how big it’s become, tickets for the NYCC sold out in under an hour for this year’s show.  And there were several thousands of tickets sold.  You would likely find it easier to get floor seats to a Rolling Stones concert than entrance to NYCC.


Let me be clear about this.  This is not my type of show.  I come from a huge high school, went to a huge college campus (a respectable state university from which I graduated with my Master’s Degree with a 4.0 GPA), and used to like massive events.  But I’ve gotten long in the tooth, and if the wall-to-wall stack of humanity I encountered at last December’s Walker Stalker Con taught me anything, it’s that I don’t enjoy that anymore.


But hey, I’m open to anything tomorrow.  It’s an experience, and that’s what life is all about.  It should be interesting just to check out how much it has changed since I last went, and covering it for DE is fun.  And if I happen to meet a hot, Asian Kitana cosplayer and end up with her legs wrapped around my head as I scream FINISH HER!



Kitana cosplay. Hottttt



…well, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.



-Phil Fasso


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