Opening the Vaults of the Criminally Insane, Vol. 3: A Tuesday of Terrors




A Tuesday of Terrors



After a layoff for the Labor Day holiday weekend, Opening the Vaults is back in style.


As we continue along in Phase 2 at DE, I’m opening the vault on my whole back catalogue of reviews from my previous gig and bringing them to our Criminally Insane section.  Don’t think these are lazy retreads, though.  Instead of merely reprinting them in their original (and often inferior form), I’m revising and rewriting each.


Case in point:  The PET SEMATARY review is almost from scratch.  It was originally one-half of a Stephen King two-fer with CUJO, and I didn’t like it much at all.


Vol. 3 takes us through S-T-USemataries (sic), Terror Trains, and U.S. Voting.  Special thanks to Heather for choosing these three titles from a list of the back catalogue.


Let’s take a look at each.   For your convenience, here are links to the three flicks.  Click on each title for a trip to the review of the film.




PET SEMATARY’s poster looks creepy…


This is my favorite King novel from the bunch I read when I was in high school.  It’s also proof of that old adage about King’s novels and film translations.





TERROR TRAIN’s poster knows how to sell the movie


I don’t usually enjoy slashers, and I almost never get scared by them.  This flick has two unique elements, and so I enjoyed it and it scared me.






Homecoming’s message is clear in its cover art


Joe Dante showed a lot of promise in his early years.  This episode of Mick Garris’ cable-TV show proved he still had some of it left.


-Phil Fasso


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