Jason Yachanin- Zombie Chickens, Zebras and Fish Tacos (Audio)




Jason Yachanin’s headshot


A misguided cabbie and a missed ferry last Sunday thwarted my attempts to interview Jason Yachanin, star of Troma’s POULTRYGEIST and V/H/S.  Jason was kind enough to reschedule for today.



Jason’s Tromatic life experience


This afternoon, I took no traveling chances and embarked by train to Red Bank, NJ, where Jason and I settled in at Surf Taco.  Over some seafood tacos, tortilla chips and diet soda, we discussed the oddities of working on a Troma film, what a Tromawful actor Lloyd Kaufman is, and how having drumming and other particular talents can get an actor a job.  As Jason is an Ohio native, we even discuss Lebron James and how the Cleveland Cavaliers did in the NBA finals.





So celebrate history with Death Ensemble’s 500th post and enjoy my conversation with Jason.



Jason Y and Big Evil


Thank you, Jason, for being generous with your time today and for a fun chat!



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