Evans City will be under siege again in 2014
Evans City will be under siege again in 2014




Attention all George Romero fans:  It has been reported that the people who played the bodies rising from the grave and those who fought them are returning to Evans City, PA. And you can meet them!



Phil with dear friend Gary Streiner at the MMP




Gary Streiner, God bless him, is at it again, gathering a group of actors from George Romero’s Dead saga at the Ground Zero of the living Dead, Evans City.  Friday October 10 through Sunday October 12 he’s pulling out all the stops and giving all those Romero fans a show for the ages at the Living Dead Fest 2014.


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Once again, he’s got a core group from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, including Judith O’Dea, Russell Streiner, John Russo, Judith Ridley, Charles Craig and first timer Kyra Schon.


But Gary didn’t stop there.  No, he went all out.  He’s got Paul Musser, the poster boy from DAWN OF THE DEAD, and another first timer, Jeanie Jeffries, the zombie lady responsible for Roger’s demise.



A nice DAY with Lori Cardille
A nice DAY with Lori Cardille




Do you prefer DAY OF THE DEAD?  Gary’s got people from that one too, including Mark “Beef Treats” Tierno.  Returning from last year’s lineup, Lori Cardille will grace the LDF.  If you haven’t met her yet, you’ll be surprised that such a kind, gentle woman could play such a convincing action heroine.


Gary’s even pulled in a few crossover stars.  You’ll recognize Taso Stavrakis as a biker from DAWN and a soldier from DAY.  And when I met him at Chiller a few years ago, he was sporting an awesome top hat.



What better way to extend John Amplas Week?




And Gary snatched one of my favorites from the Romero troupe, John Amplas,  a versatile actor, drama director and teacher, and a Hell of Famer.  But more important than any of that, a great human being.




Meeting George Romero, a god




Just when Dead fans thought it couldn’t get any better, Gary pulled off something I never thought even he could, but always hoped for.  On Saturday, George Romero will be at the LDF!  He’s coming back to Evans City on Saturday for a special event at the Evans City Chapel in the cemetery.  He won’t be signing, but he’ll take pictures with fans.  If you’ve never met Romero, you need to.  It’s that simple.  And if you have, you need to again, because Romero’s cut down on his convention appearances. But beyond that, you need to because he’s not only a legend, but a genuinely great guy.


Which is why if you’re a Romero fan, you must go to the LDF this October.  Gary has put together one Hell of a lineup.  He’s gone out to give you what you would want out of a show, and if you miss this one, you’ll regret it.  They’re not coming to get you, Barbra, so you had better book your plane and hotel now so you can get to meet them.


After reviewing two zombie docs that left me flat cold on the undead, Gary’s got my blood pumping again.  It may be that we’re being punished by the Creator, but not by the LDF.  So check out the LDF site here, and get your tickets now.  You can hide in the basement later.


-Phil Fasso

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