Year-Old Love for JOHNNY X



Digi-Bunnell and Keenan



So I was looking for the Will Keenan film LOVE GOD on Youtube (the film’s director Frank Grow was supposed to send me a copy back in the second week of June for review)… when I came across this interesting piece.  Some guy attempts to interview Keenan and director Paul Bunnell at the Action on Film Festival, about their as-yet-unreleased b&w sci-fi musical THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X.  He has a Hell of a time doing so, from the resultant video.


I’ve interviewed both Bunnell and Keenan, the former over the phone and the latter in person.  Though both are personalities, they didn’t give me nearly the whacky time they do this poor guy.  You’ll notice Keenan makes a big deal about sound on film (and he’s 110% accurate), but I find it a distraction that the boom mike’s in the top of the frame for more than the first minute of the interview.  This footage was supposed to be part of a documentary.  God bless the people at DigiDistribution if they ever completed that project.


Ultimately, I’m just happy to have one more reason to talk about JOHNNY X.  Having seen it online and on the big screen, I can’t stop raving about what a great, unique experience it is.  Oh, and F you to THE ARTIST.  Watch below and you’ll see why.





-Phil Fasso


All rights to the video above belong to DigiDistribution.

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