Hell of Fame Inductee: The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup



The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup



as eaten up by Phil Fasso




Peanut butter. Chocolate. Excellence.




“Sweet perfection” is a term I use occasionally in reviews.  It’s a snazzy term, and high praise from this writer, who’s extremely hard to impress.  And I’ve found no better way to use it than literally, to describe the union of chocolate and peanut butter that is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.


Behold its beauty.  A brown disc, ridged at the top and down the sides, in the shape of a crown.  Appropriate, as it’s the crowning achievement of candy.  For when I bite into one, I’m met not just with a chocolate confection, but a creamy peanut butter beautifully encased within.  Man, it’s the best candy I’ve ever eaten.




Phil says True Love



I must admit, at one time I favored the Plain M & M.  Munching on a handful of those little saucers gave me a double shot of chocolate that appeased my sweet tooth.  But times change, palates develop.  At some point, something hit the switch and I moved on to a more sophisticated sweet.  Halloween took on a whole meaning, bowls of Christmas candy became that more delectable.  Life was literally sweet, every time I put a Peanut Butter Cup to my mouth and took that first bite.


And imagine my joy when Reese’s released the four-pack.


Or when I walked into BJ’s one day and found these:








Ice cream sandwiches suddenly became a whole new experience.


If you’re asking why the Hell a candy would make it into the Hell of Fame, hear me out.  The HOF is supposed to be the place where Death Ensemble honors our personal heroes of horror.  This induction was supposed to hit on Halloween, when it would have made a lot more sense.  A sweet to pay homage to the greatest of all horror holidays.  But a hurricane followed shortly by a snowstorm robbed me of power for over a week.


And still…


Still, I see no reason for me to wait another year to honor my favorite candy.  If you love horror, chocolate and peanut butter, you can enjoy this induction anytime with your favorite genre entry.  After all, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is… well, sweet perfection.



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