PIECE BY PIECE: Scott Goldberg’s short trailer for THE THREE





A trailer for Long Island director Scott Goldberg’s upcoming film THE THREE, starring John Amplas and Lori Cardille of George Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD.





2 minutes 33 seconds



The body:


Some graphics slide onto the screen, accompanied by beeping noises that indicate some computer program is involved.  In black-and-white, Dr. James Fisher appears and talks directly to the camera.  He explains how his team of scientists has created human replicas who will go to war in our place, and save countless human lives.  A female doctor explains how she lost her son in the Iraq war.  The screen turns color, and shows her meeting her son.  Then a split screen shows a replica coming painfully to awakening.  Ominous music accompanies views of what appears to be the outside of Fisher’s facility, then a mall.  In juxtaposition, a man in the woods explains to another that he has a cure for sick family members, then swings an axe.  In a final split screen, Fisher appears in a gas mask, raving about the destruction of mankind, as the replica shudders in the other screen.  The last almost minute of the trailer explain its purpose (fundraising) and provide technical credits.





This trailer does everything a trailer’s supposed to do.  Fisher’s explanation at the beginning lets the audience know where the film is going, without giving away the house in full.  The ominous music as things heat up gives the whole thing a perilous tone, and enhances the video.  The stark black-and-white at the outset contrasts with the vivacious colors that come later;  it’s a shocking transition that serves the video well.  It also reminded me of the transition from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD into DAWN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD, as the latter two are in full color.


The trailer also sells John Amplas to the hilt.  There’s reason I mentioned DAWN and DAY above, as Scott Goldberg is a huge fan of George Romero’s, especially DAY.  Featuring Amplas so prominently tells the viewer that this film is in the Romero vein, as does Lori Cardille’s appearance, though much more brief.  What really surprises me is that I wouldn’t know from the trailer that the lab stuff was filmed in the Wampum Mines, where Romero filmed DAY.  Goldberg went out of his way to shoot there, but there’s no strong visual that indicates this.


The trailer for THE THREE displays clearly what a talented filmmaker Goldberg is.  During our interview we discussed the film, and it’s nice to see it’s coming to fruition.  This video has me wanting to see the final outcome, and that’s the highest praise I can give it.


One side note:  Scott wanted me to play the role of the sick family member.  I was flattered, but I’ll stick to the writing end of things, where my talents lie.






Cause of death-  John Amplas, touches of George Romero and human replicas.  Why can’t we learn to leave nature to its course?


Interment instructions-  Keep the memory of this trailer alive, as the world waits for the final film, which I surmise will be impressive.


View the body




-Phil Fasso

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