Whoring Out For Our Art: DEADTENTION Kickstarts Again!










The convention trail is starting to pick up, and this gives X and me opportunities to get the DEADTENTION script out to the horror world’s premiere talent.  We’re heading to Charlotte, NC for the Mad Monster Party convention this coming weekend, and in late April to Chiller.  In our travels, we’ve managed to get the script into the hands of some of horror’s biggest names, and some of them have already agreed to provide their talents in front of and behind the camera.


Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman has agreed to play Principal Clark.  Joe Pilato, who knows a thing or two about zombies from his time in DAY OF THE DEAD, will play Asst. Principal Pilato.  FRANKENHOOKER pair James Lorinz and Charlotte Kemp have thrown themselves into the mix and will play much coveted roles.  And Academy Award winning makeup artist John Caglione, Jr. will provide the gore effects.


They’re all willing to do this for little to no money for one reason:  they believe.  X and I believe, and we want you to believe.  And the best way you can show your faith in what is going to be a film like none you’ve ever seen before is to go to Kickstarter and donate to the cause.  Every dollar helps, as we assemble equipment, scout locations and prepare for pre-production.  If you want a taste of what you’re backing, listen to this guy:








And watch this trailer, shot by X Chris and assembled by Mike Cucinotta:









Much like the living dead in Manchester High School, X Chris and I will not rest til DEADTENTION gets made.  We’ll pour every ounce of sweat into our passion project, because we believe.  You should believe too, and if you love great horror comedy and the independent spirit of film, you’ll show it with your kindly appreciated donation.


-Phil Fasso

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