You had to see this one coming.  If you followed my work on Icons of Fright, or are a newcomer to my writing here on Death Ensemble, you’re well aware that I’m a disciple of George Romero who considers NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD the best zombie movie of all time, and one of the greatest horror films ever made.  My very first piece for Icons of Fright was a convention review of the Monster Bash in Pittsburgh, PA, where I met Bill Hinzman, Kyra Schon and Chilly Billy Cardille for the first time.  And my inaugural review for Icons was on NOTLD.  So it’s only natural that Death Ensemble brings you NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Appreciation Week.


We’ll cover many of the offshoots from the film that started it all.  From 30th year botched additional footage, to attacking bread, to half-minute bunnies, we’ll have it.  We’ll discuss toys, early versions of the script, and Bill Hinzman’s frequent resurrections of the Cemetery Ghoul.  In fact, we’ll start with a review of Hinzman’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (The Play).


And I’ll top it off with a brand new Death Ensemble exclusive review of Romero’s masterpiece.


Keep coming back this week for reviews and in-depth analysis of the zombie movie that started it all, as we honor NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.


-Phil Fasso


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