Back to School Slashers! Day 5- Pomp and Circumstance




Here we are, ready to walk the aisle together as “Pomp and Circumstance” plays.  We’ve survived the school slashers as a class, and now we can all go our own ways to be demonically possessed or eaten by zombies in the real world.  Our two final school slashers bring us right back to the beginning, the “first days” of school slashers, straight through to the last turn of the tassels.  Enjoy as a jester avenges a psychotic who may be his mom, and a pimped out tire iron takes out some coeds, when you’ll be praying it kills them all.











As I reach the end of my valedictory speech, let me leave you with these words:  Lack of education will kill you… but so will any semi-talented school slasher.


-Phil Fasso

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