LAZARUS Rises… to Eat Brooke Lewis?




LAZARUS Poster 2013
LAZARUS Poster 2013


I’m really burnt out on zombie flicks, and the whole subgenre has burnt itself out with derivative living dead.  From THE WALKING DEAD to every cheapie backyard zombie flick that shows up on Netflix Instant, there’s a lack of originality that’s made it all go stale for me.  BUT… I love Brooke Lewis.  She works her ass off in about 50 productions a year, and does her best to help teens through rough times.  So I say you and I should give LAZARUS  a shot just because she’s in it.


Here’s the important info from the press release Brooke kindly sent me at my request:


Synopsis: “It is the year 1957 in Hollywood, CA. A telegram arrives at the office of George Lazarus, an insurance investigator with the assignment to look into a suspicious claim that was just put in by Harvest International Tobacco Company. Lazarus begins to schedule routine interviews with the twelve employees that are named on this claim. He learns that they all had just gotten fired for being sick at the job. He never makes it back to the office. What seemed to be a normal fraud investigation case may have turned out to be the beginning of the end for the human race. His fiancée Bethany begins to worry as she realizes that he hasn’t been back at the office since early that morning and he hasn’t checked in either. Not the behavior from a man who lives by daily routine. She decides to follow his path in hopes to locate him. Nothing can prepare her for what she is about to witness in this eerily horrific pre-apocalyptic tale.”




Thomas Churchill and ever-sexy Brooke
Thomas Churchill and ever-sexy Brooke



Ms. Daniels: Brooke Lewis plays the no-nonsense Betty Page-esque Ms. Daniels, an Executive over at Topaz Insurance company. The company who sends investigator George Lazarus down a mysterious road into the mouth of darkness.




Director Thomas J. Churchill definitely wants to bring a noir vibe to the film, as is evident in the trailer.  Hopefully the film sells it, and puts at least a small, fresh twist on the stale undead.  Check out the trailer below, an odd mix of 50s mood and bloody zombie snarling.







I don’t know if the flick will be great, but if Brooke Lewis is in it and I can get my hands on it, I will.  Oh, and Brooke, you just get hotter in every picture I see of you.  Still shot or video.  Much love to you, and may LAZARUS be a big success!  And I hope beyond hope you don’t get eaten.


–Phil Fasso

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