Brooke Lewis’ MS. VAMPY Wins Communicator Award



Scream, Brooke, Scream!



It’s always nice to encounter people who are socially conscious.  Around the time I interviewed Brooke Lewis, she was gearing up for Bowling for Boobies, in relief of breast cancer.  She’s also had an ongoing series called MS. VAMPY’S TWEEN TAWK, TEEN TAWK & IN BETWEEN TALK, in which her vampire character Ms. Vampy discusses with kids the real life issues that affect them.  It’s a nice concept, as the scream queen helps kids talk about things that may not be so easy to converse about.  Brooke is a fundamentally awesome person at heart, and I can proudly announce that the series has been honored by the Communicator Awards for Social Responsibility in its content.


Horror itself is usually nasty stuff, with bloodletting, monsters and gore.  But the last eight years, I’ve discovered many of the people behind it are nice, socially conscious individuals, and many of them are great examples of humanity.  Brooke Lewis certainly fits that bill, and I look forward to her continuing in her efforts to use horror as a tool to help those in need.


Brooke, you’re awesome.  Much love, baby, and keep up the great work.


–Phil Fasso

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