New Horror Coming from Theatre of Terror and Jennifer Valdes




The last three years or so, I’ve made all sorts of connections in the NYC indie film scene.  One of the great things about this is that I come across some great developing projects.  Another is that I’ve gotten to know some hard working people who love horror and put their talents to bringing you interesting, new films.  Two such people are Tom Ryan and Jennifer Valdes, who are putting together new projects that just might pique your interest.


Under his Theatre of Terror banner, Ryan is putting together an anthology comprised of four shorts.  Three are already in the can, leaving only “Endangered” to be filmed.  As T.O.T.’s Indiegogo campaign describes it, “’Endangered’ will be a classic horror story revolving around the threat that industrial expansion poses to the grey wolf population. We explore the more radical approach to the topic as well as the perspective of those that live among these beautiful creatures.”  I’m a sucker for social commentary in horror (when you worship at the altar of Romero, it comes with the territory), and Ryan’s upcoming short certainly catches my interest.  I’ve reviewed Ryan’s shorts “RAPT” and “The Gift,” and I like his style.  And hey, his head splits in two and a creature crawls out in Hell of Famer Jeremiah Kipp’s feature BLACK WAKE, so he’s got that going for him.


Ryan’s also got a wicked sense of humor for a guy whose films are so dark, as you’ll see in the trailer for “Endangered.”  I’ve met Tom briefly a few times, and he’s such a great guy that I’d love to interview him sometime.  But I digress, so check out the trailer.



I’ve never met Jen Valdes, but filmmaking genius extraordinaire Jerry Janda speaks so highly of her that I take it she’s awesome.  Valdes is a multi-talent, a Renaissance woman who works both behind and in front of the camera.  She’s got vampires on the brain, but also social awareness, with her new short, “The Blood Is the Life.”  According to the short’s Indiegogo page, “The 5-6 minute charitable short horror film will be shocking, yet informative, artistic and educational in nature.  In a uniform town where all water has been replaced by blood, people go about their normal daily routines and activities relying on blood as the source that fuels the town.  This film has a powerful message that can reach viewers worldwide…”  The Indiegogo crowdfund is about to run down, but you can donate to fund the film directly on the Facebook page.  Check out the video below.  She’s obviously passionate about this piece, and I’m eager to see the final result.



know I’ve come out on DE before against crowdfunding, but I’ve also frequently said on the blog that DE gives me the opportunity to promote and support projects and artists in whom I believe.  Tom Ryan and Jennifer Valdes have my trust that they’ll create interesting art, so much so that for the very first time, I contributed to their campaigns.  That should speak volumes about how I fell about them, and about “Endangered” and “The Blood Is the Life.”


If I’ve swayed you in any way to contribute you can donate at Tom’s Indiegogo page and the Facebook page for “The Blood Is the Life.”  I know they’d be grateful, as you will be when you get some great art.


–Phil Fasso


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