Ken Sagoes Signing and Giving Back at New Jersey Horror Con




Kincaid kicks ass. So does Sagoes, and he give back too



Ken Sagoes will go down in history as a Dream Warrior who beat up Freddy Krueger and survived into the next ELM STREET sequel.  He’s also a prolific television actor, and pops up fairly frequently in movies.  But did you know the man who played Kincaid also has a generous heart?  That he runs a charity to help those in need?  There’s a lot more to Ken than you may know, and you can meet him at New Jersey Horror Con and find out about his charity works AND his iconic role in the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise.  You’ll even have a chance to buy a signed “Giving Back” tee shirt and get a free picture.




Ken is the founder and CEO of Giving Back Corporation, a charity whose cause is “to promote educational goals among youths.”  GBC has “helped over 5,000 youths with books and supplies in classrooms, and over 300 college-bound youth with their degrees.”  As a former teacher in high schools in less than privileged areas, I can attest to just how important these contributions go to getting students the tools they need to excel in both secondary school and college.  Ken has been running GBC for 20 years, and bless him for giving back.


Ken will be signing at NJ Horror Con on September 22nd to 24th and looks forward to meeting you.  He’s such a nice guy he’ll even be selling two of his “Giving Back” tees at the con, and if you buy one, he’ll sign it and give you a free picture.



I’ll be meeting Ken Sagoes for the first time at NJ Horror Con, and he’s been gracious enough to agree to an interview.  Ken is one of my horror heroes, as he is to many of us, and this is a great opportunity not only to meet him, but to help give back and further education.


If you want to pre-order a shirt and hat, just send your name and shirt size to by September 18, and Ken will hold one for you at the con.



Kicking Freddy Krueger’s ass and helping to educate youths.  Kincaid is cooler than ever.


–Phil Fasso


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