DE Sports the War at NJ Horror Con





I rarely do cons anymore, but I’m headed to the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival in two weeks.  I haven’t been this excited about a con in years, and NJ Horror has plenty of people and events to be excited about.


This will be my first trip to NJ Horror, and the prospects look great so far.  It’s not a huge con like Chiller, more along the lines of a Mad Monster Party or a Scare-a-Con in number of guests.  I prefer these shows as I get older, as I don’t want to feel like I’m stuck in concrete as I try to move across a horde of unyielding fans.  Smaller shows often allow for more time and intimate connections with the celebs.  I’ve always said cons are more about the experience than the actual con, so it’s nice to be able to spend 5 or 10 minutes chatting with a guest as opposed to standing on an assembly line.


And oh, the guests!  Reunions from Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, Hell of Famer Wes Craven’s PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS and Kevin Tenney’s NIGHT OF THE DEMONS are a great way for fans of those particular flicks to get a bunch of guest all in one shot, especially on a poster.  There’s even a GOONIES mini-reunion, led by headliner Sean Astin.  Several other regulars on the con circuit will be there, but I’m most excited about my favorite Dream Warrior, Ken Sagoes.  The man who portrayed ass kicker Kincaid will be signing autographs and spreading the good word about his charity, Giving Back Corporation.  Ken has been so kind as to agree to an exclusive interview for Death Ensemble.  I am most jazzed about chatting Ken up and letting our followers at DE listen in.


As if a great guest list in an intimate climate weren’t enough, NJ Horror is also running a film festival.  Several feature films are showing, including Hell of Famer Lloyd Kaufman‘s latest flick RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOL. 2, which I saw as a workprint two summers ago at Tromadance.  I’d love to see the completed project, just to see how it compares.  But most exciting of all, Hell of Famer Jeremiah Kipp’s newest short “Slapface” is showing.  I’m hoping to meet up with him over a drink and get a second interview to go along with our first.


In an age of bloated pricing, rushed photo ops and massive crowds, New Jersey Horror is offering up a nice con that’s worth looking forward to.  I’m excited to break out my convention bag, voice recorder and folder for my 8×10’s and head to NJ for what should be a hoot.  Join me there and we’ll have some fun together.


–Phil Fasso

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