Lukas Hassel– Not Afraid of the Darker Side of Life (Audio)




Hassel is a true talent as writer-director-actor



Lukas Hassel is everything I hope for when I interview someone.  Intelligent, well-spoken, genuinely kind to a fault and generous with his answers, he is the perfect gentleman who also happens to be a great actor.  So when we got together at Starbucks and chatted, I already knew I had a great interview on my hands.  Later, when I listened to it on the train to work, it came across even better than I had thought while it was ongoing.


Because Lukas took it to a higher level.  His answers were articulate, profound, and unique, and provide an in-depth landscape of a multidimensional actor who’s also an excellent human being.  His love of his craft is evident, and his generosity in sharing with me at length left me in a state of gratitude.  I appreciate that he brought out the best in me, as I strove to bring the best out of him by asking the right questions at the right time.  Pound for pound, this may be the best interview I’ve ever done, and that’s thanks to Lukas.






Lukas Hassel is bigger than Big Evil


Over the course of 40 minutes or so, we discussed his journey from Denmark, to school in Ireland, to becoming a New York actor;  his frequent collaborations with Hell of Famer Jeremiah Kipp, on “Minions,” and others;  getting ugly for “Slapface;”  playing Natasha Henstridge’s husband in two films;  his triple threat as writer-director-actor on “The Son, The Father…” and how each of those roles differ;  and how not being afraid of the darker questions in life has led to some excellent career choices.  I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it.


I’ve said many times on DE that my favorite part of running a blog is doing interviews.  The kindest thing I can say to Lukas is that sitting with him over coffee and talking with him was an awesome life experience, and confirmed for me why I love interviewing above everything else I do here at DE.  And for that, I thank him.



Big Evil Editor-in-Chief, Phil Fasso
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