Slayer’s Old School Set in Pictures




There’s no way to understand what being at a Slayer show is, unless you’ve actually been to one.  Like sex, it’s one of those things in life where no words can come close to conveying the feeling, and even if someone gets the gist of it, there’s no way he’ll ever come close to hitting the mark of what it’s like in person.  I heard about Slayer shows long before I went to my first back in February 2007, but no explanation came within a country mile of preparing me for just how brutal and intense an experience it is.  And as talented as I am with words, I won’t even try to explain.  Instead, let these pictures do their best.  Thank my Samsung Galaxy III for braving Hell on Earth.







Tom Araya roars through “War Ensemble”




Araya sports the war!




Kerry King leads the Slayer Nation




Lucifer takes Tom’s dark soul




Tom Araya whited out




Kerry King thrashes out a solo




Dance with the dead in my dreams




Listen to their hallowed screams



Araya knows at dawn they sleep




Hanneman Still Reigning








4Arm (1st opening act)


4Arm’s drummer and backdrop





4Arm’s Aussie lead singer





4Arm’s bassist and Rob G’s long lost Australian twin brother





Gojira (2nd opening act)




Gojira’s drum kit and backdrop





A clear shot of Gojira’s lead singer




Gojira’s singer in action




Gojira’s singer up close




Gojira’s guitarist thrashing out




— ψ Phil Fasso  \m/




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