Beat ‘em or Burn ‘em: Round 3 of Guests for the LDF



LDF Round 3



A few days back, Gary Streiner announced the next four guests for the Living Dead Festival. Two of them are convention stalwarts, and the other two are rare guests who appeared at the last LDF.


John Russo is no stranger to the convention trail. Hawking everything from novels to paychecks from the Latent Image to grave dirt from the Evans City Cemetery, he’s a unique experience from the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD crew. He always keeps it interesting, as he did during my interview with him. George Kosana, who played Sheriff McClelland, has found a home on the circuit the last five years, where he keeps fans happy by telling them “They’re dead. They’re all messed up.”


In more rarified air, Dave James and Dick Heckard will also make the scene. James made history as the last ghoul to be shot in the film. Heckard was one of the roving posse members who takes out zombies with a high powered rifle. Both men appeared at the previous LDF, and they were nice guys.


This likely won’t be the last of the LDF announcements, but even if it were, Gary and the ghouls have a sweet guest list for hardcore fans of George Romero’s NOTLD. Check out the Facebook page, and the official site, which should be fired up within the week. Get out to Evans City, PA this August 30-31, and celebrate with the undead.  Even if they’re all messed up.


-Phil Fasso

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