Sharks and Chainsaws: Kate Hodge and Donna Wilkes at Oct’s Chiller


Fans of sequels to seminal films have reason to rejoice this October at Chiller.  My favorite con has added LEATHERFACE’s Kate Hodge and JAWS 2’s Donna Wilkes.




Kate Hodge knows there’s roadkill all over Parsippany




Kate Hodge had the pleasure of working with Viggo Mortensen, action hero Ken Foree and director Jeff Burr in LEATHERFACE.  The second sequel to Tobe Hooper’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, it boasts Hodge’s spunky performance and her immortal line, “There’s roadkill all over Texas.”  Fans have been hoping to meet Kate for years, and at Chiller they’ll get their chance.



Donna Wilkes got to work with Roy Scheider, future director Keith Gordon and a horribly scarred great white shark in JAWS 2.  More a monster movie than the classic adventure that Steven Spielberg’s film was, it nonetheless features Wilkes and a group of teens under assault by a never ending eating machine.  Oh, and it sports a scene that shows what happens when a shark and a helicopter meet.




Donna Wilkes in peril




Hodge and Wilkes appear courtesy of Full Empire Promotions.  I’m working on lining up interviews with them on-site, so if you have anything you’d like me to ask, leave it in the comment box.



With Virginia Madsen, Deborah Foreman, Don Coscarelli and now Hodge and Wilkes, this October’s incarnation of Chiller’s shaping to be one awesome con.  Keep checking out the guest page for an updated roster.  And if you see me there, feel free to say hello.


–Phil Fasso

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