Slayer Brings the Abyss to Rock Band 3



Slayer enjoys the raining blood




When I was an avid Rock Band 2 bassist a few years back, I pined for certain groups to appear on the game.  Slayer, of course, was right at the top of that list.  They’d appeared on the far inferior Guitar Hero platform, and only when a Mayhem Tour metal pack hit did I get a single song from speed metal’s greatest band.  “Black Magic” was an offbeat choice, but it’s a great tune off Show No Mercy, and I played it frequently.  But I wanted more bloodshed.  Two weeks ago, I finally got it in RB3’s first Slayer Pack.




The Slayer Pack offers three of the band’s most beloved tunes of bloodshed, insanity and, yes, mayhem.  “South of Heaven” is about a godless world gone mad.  “Season in the Abyss” focuses on lobotomized loss of sanity.  And “Raining Blood”… well, that’s self-explanatory.  These three badass songs present a masterful challenge on all instruments, with lightning fast riffs and thunderous drum smashing, accompanied by the screeching yowls of front man Tom Araya.  You’ll be hard pressed to keep up with Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman and Dave Lombardo, but you’ll have one Hell of a fun time trying.




My bassist alter ego now resides South of Heaven





As a faux bassist and avowed member of the Slaytanic Army, I applaud Rock Band 3’s addition of three classic Slayer tracks.  The sky is turning red, and it’s time to shred some tunes.  SLAYYYYEEEERRRRRR!!!




–Phil Fasso

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