Everyone’s Entitled to One Good Joke (But Not Two)



Ok, let’s get this out of the way.  I hate April Fool’s Day.  People take it as a reason to do the dumbest things, from planting a whoopee cushion on a teacher’s chair to announcing on the radio that a very living politician is dead.  And they can get away with it this one day of the year with one dumb phrase:  “APRIL FOOL’S!”


I hate April Fool’s Day, but I love horror.  Nonconformist that I am, I published two reviews of films that celebrate today… last month.  It made perfect sense to me, as one was part of the Deborah Foreman Double Shot, and the other sucked.  Oh, I mean it was a remake of the first.  And it sucked.


I don’t want to ruin the party, so I’m taking a short break from our Mad Monster Party coverage to post the links to those two reviews (just click on the title of each to access the review).  I know there’s an all-black ripoff out there that used to be on Netflix Instant, but I can only suffer so much foolery in one lifetime.  Enjoy.






A fun 80s slasher that’s a little higher concept than most of them.  It’s got a final five minutes that piss people off.  Don’t let that spoil the fun for you, though, as it’s worth watching just for the cast.






All 91 minutes of this one pissed people off.  I got a huge reaction to this review when I posted it.  Go figure.





Everyone’s entitled to one good joke.  And by that, I mean don’t watch the 2008 version.  And no, I’m not fooling.


–Phil Fasso

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