Patty Mullen- Wanna Date? (Audio)



Facial contortionist Patty Mullen



X Chris here, and while you have invariably seen me mentioned in many convention reports, this is my first actual contribution to Death Ensemble. It comes in the form of an interview with the unsung, and often overlooked, star of FRANKENHOOKER, Patty Mullen. Let me say this about the interview – I’m not happy with it. Understand that this has absolutely nothing to do with my subject.




Patty Mullen Franken-hooks X




As a matter of fact, Patty should be the perfect interviewee. She is funny, outgoing, honest, endearing and welcoming to the fans. Add to that the fact that she is possibly more lovely and attractive than she was 27 years ago – so sorry for the fact that this isn’t a video interview but the battery on my camera died. This being her first convention, it should have been the ultimate get, but I fumbled it. I thought I was prepared, had my questions ready, but inexperience got the best of me.


Now don’t let this stop you from listening though. Even though I may not have been at the top of my game, Patty was. She even offered me the chance for a redo, and while I wanted to spend as much time as I could with this beauty, I felt that honesty should prevail. Besides, now everything else I do for Death Ensemble will seem infinitely better in comparison.






She’s alive! Patty’s iconic transformation




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