Paul Bunnell- The Ghastly Mind of a Director (Audio)




JOHNNY X poster art



Every once in a while, a movie comes across that’s something really special, that stands out from the crowd.  THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X is one such movie.  A black-and-white sci-fi musical throwback to the 1950s, it stars two of Phil Fasso’s favorite actors, Will Keenan and, in his last role, Kevin McCarthy.  It’s the peculiar vision of Paul Bunnell, and it looks to be spectacular.


Paul graciously took some time to talk to Phil over the phone about the film.  He discusses the challenges of shooting musical numbers, directing McCarthy and Keenan, and the long process of finally getting JOHNNY X out to the world, with its premiere at Cinequest on March 3.



Paul Bunnell with ghastly Johnny X, Will Keenan




Click >>> Listen to Paul Bunnell Get Ghastly Here <<< here





Special thanks to Paul for setting Phil up to watch the film.  Look for a Death Ensemble exclusive review of THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X soon.  In the meantime, enjoy listening to him discussing a labor of love.



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