Charles Lincoln– Theresa & Allison & Charles & Phil (Audio)



Charles Lincoln, a talent on the indie horror scene



After watching an assembly cut of his new feature film THERESA & ALLISON, I knew that Charles Lincoln was a writer and filmmaker with a lot to say, and a clear vision that was unique.  Fortunately, Charles was kind enough to meet with me on this sweltering Saturday afternoon to discuss the film and his other works.





Over the course of 40 minutes, Charles and I discuss world building in horror, how exploitation films can still be art, and how playing a corpse gave Hell of Fame inductee Jeremiah Kipp a neck ache.  Charles is among the brightest and most articulate people I’ve ever interviewed, and his dark vision is sweet perfection for this horror blogger.


Charles hopes to have THERESA & ALLISON out for the world to see by year’s end.  I’ll have a review of the assembly cut coming soon.  If you love dark, challenging horror, you owe it to yourself to seek it out upon its arrival.


Thanks to Charles for being gracious enough to meet up and discuss his career with me.  And special thanks to Jeremiah Kipp for introducing us.


–Phil Fasso


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