2nd Annual Hell of Fame Week




The Oscars are coming up in less than a week, which means it’s a special time here at Death Ensemble.  I put no stock in the Academy Awards—that’s X Chris’ gig, so much so that we named the X Marks the Oscar designation after him—but I do believe that we should use this time to celebrate this time of year with the Hell of Fame Week.  It’s a nice way to honor our heroes of horror, without having to put on a three-piece suit and sit through a five hour ceremony.


Our 1st Annual Hell of Fame Week worked out so well that it’s time for our 2nd Annual Hell of Fame Week.  Check back at this post throughout the week as we add an induction each day.  This year we’ll celebrate inductions from a number of DE contributors, including myself.  Click on the title above the picture of each to go to each Induction.  No, you don’t have to sit for a half day in a stuffy auditorium to do so.


Without further ado, let’s get to the inductions.



Best Job of Kicking Ass by a Black Performer (Non-Living):

Big Daddy


Big Daddy’s brilliant introduction


What started with Hell of Famer Duane Jones as Ben evolves to its natural place with Big Daddy as the strong Black male in a George Romero Dead film.  Big Daddy’s not just about evolution though;  he’s also about revolution.



Best Job of Kicking Ass by a Black Performer (Living): 



Kincaid, the ass kicking Dream Warrior


Kincaid is one of my horror heroes.  He’s my favorite Dream Warrior, and a strong part of a tradition of Black males in horror.  Ken Sagoes gives a powerful performance that balance humor, fear and strength.



Most Hellacious Musical Madness:

Five Iconic Horror Themes


Some music to accompany you on your trip through the Hell of Fame


Brian Skutle couldn’t settle on one theme, so he does us the great benefit of inducting five!  With Harry Manfredini, John Carpenter, Bernard Herrmann, Wendy Carlos, and John Williams making the cut, Brian has composed a great soundtrack to Hell of Fame Week with this induction.



The Lifetime Achievement Retrospective:

George Romero


May the Romero Retrospective live long


It wasn’t simple figuring out just how to honor Romero, until I realized I’ve been doing that since 2011.  The Romero Retrospective will live on, through the kindness and generosity of those who’ve collaborated with him.



Best Zombie Killing by a Young Performer:

Chandler Riggs


Chandler Riggs, an 8-year horror veteran


Heather Elle brings both heart and humor to her induction of Riggs, who’s been an important player on the horror scene for almost a decade.



Best Job of Kicking Ass by a Female Performer:

Taryn White

Taryn White, the girl of your dreams


Our second Dream Warrior to enter the hallowed halls of the Hell of Fame this week, Taryn is tough as nails.  Nicole Fiss does a great job in honoring a strong female of horror.



Best Monster Movie Obsessed over by My Mom:



Mom was hooked right from the title screen


And here we are, with the final induction of this year’s Hell of Fame Week.  THE THING is a damn near perfect film, but this is really the story of how my mom fell in love with it on cable in 1982.  This induction couldn’t be any closer to a perfect way to end HOF Week if I tried.



We hope you enjoyed our 2nd Annual Hell of Fame Week, and that you look forward to our 3rd Annual week next year.  This year we’ve honored a great group of our horror heroes, and may they long reign in Death Ensemble’s Hell.



Big Evil Editor-in-Chief, Phil Fasso


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