New Contact Info for



Because of a discrepancy with Death Ensemble’s provider, I’ve lost all access to emails sent to  Actually, Yahoo’s Small Business division lost my previous email.  Regardless, I can no longer access any emails sent to that address.  I apologize to anyone who’s attempted to contact DE or me directly, but this is out of my hands.


As such, we have a new email address:


If you want to contact me or anyone else at DE, you can email us there.  Again, my apologies.  I’m irate that I spent over an hour on the phone with the powers that be, only to be told the email is lost, and for them to blame me.  But life moves on, and so does DE.


I’ll change the email address on the homepage as well.  Thank you for your patience as we ride out our technical issues.



Yours truly,


Big Evil Editor-in-Chief, Phil Fasso
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