FRIDAY THE 13TH: A NEW BEGINNING (Nicole’s Rebuttal Review)



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Ed. note– Nicole asked for the right to write a rebuttal review to my review.  I never deny that beauty.– P.F.


There are some things in  this world that will always have a bad rap.  New Coke, the Chia Pet, Monica Lewinski.  You get the idea.  While I will agree that New Coke never should have been made, I have never owned a Chia Pet and no matter how much good Monica Lewinski does in her life, she will always be the girl in the blue dress.  Just like FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V will always be known as the Jason movie without Jason.  This does not sit well with a lot of Friday fans, including Mr. Fasso.


I will vehemently disagree.  PART V is in my top 3 favorite FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, and here’s why.  It has some of the most memorable characters and kills in any slasher movie.


First and foremost, we see the continuation of Tommy’s story.  He is now at Pinehurst which is an after care facility of sorts because he was released from The Unger Institute.  I loved how they expanded his character out through three movies and he is easily on of Jason’s best and most capable adversaries.  While he doesn’t say a lot, I think he has a total of three words in the entire film, his ability to mentally snap over the slightest things is very entertaining.  The fact that they kept one specific character alive through three consecutive movies is astounding.


Two women who survived A NEW BEGINNING
Two women who survived A NEW BEGINNING


The other residents of Pinehurst are just as captivating.  Pam, who is the “executive assistant” to the live in psychiatrist is one of my favorite female roles of all time. She fights back like no other, protecting Tommy and Reggie like a mother bear.  Meeting actress Melanie Kinnaman, who played her, back in 2011 was incredible and it was one more thing off my bucket list.


Speaking of Reggie the Reckless, while he was not my favorite character (he spent the majority of the movie as a screaming piece of luggage), he did introduce us to Demon and Anita.  To this day, my friends and I can re-enact that scene when one of us is the bathroom.   Any movie that can kill someone with a piece of metal pipe in a port-a-potty will always be at the top of my list.


There were so many great things about these characters.  Some of them were in the movie just to add to the body count, but they were entertaining none the less.  The two “greasers” breaking down in their car, Joey and Vic and the laundry debacle , and of course the nymphomaniacs were fantastic.  Not for their acting skills but for the kill.  Normally a pair of garden shears is not an odd weapon in a slasher movie, but the sound effects when “Jason” closed them were chilling.


Billy and Lana were also a good pair.  He was the “pride of the Unger Institute of Mental Health who has just dumped his last bed pan and would very much like to party”.   I liked his character so much I paid tribute in my Christmas Card pictures a few years ago.


Ethel and Junior welcome Nicole to the crazy family!


Of course I have saved the best for last.  Ethel and Junior are by far my favorite characters, not only from a Friday movie, but all time.  The chemistry between Carol Locatell and Ron Sloan is phenomenal.  They were the villains inside a villainous movie.  With lines like, “You big dildo!  Eat your f***ing slop!” and “I got a bomb on me!  I swear to it!”, how can you not love these characters?  Stopping at nothing to close down the “crazy farm” and eventually becoming victims themselves, they brought knee slapping laughter and a new level of campiness to an already campy movie.


There are some imperfections to PART V, and I can understand why it’s not a favorite among fans.  But the originality to the characters and the storyline keeps me coming back.


So Jason Voorhees really isn’t in it.  It still stands alone and is one the better Friday movies out there.


As Ethel would say with her middle finger in the air, “THAT’S IT!  MY FINAL WORD!”


-Nicole Fiss


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