This Trailer CONJURING Up the Patrick Wilson Love


Farmiga, Wilson and Wilson's awesome sideburns
Farmiga, Wilson and Wilson’s awesome sideburns



If you read my review of A GIFTED MAN, you know I have a lot of love for Patrick Wilson.  The star of THE WATCHMEN and HARD CANDY is a likable, talented actor who probably deserves more respect and fame than he gets.  Evidence?  Watch the trailer for THE CONJURING below.


Wilson was great in James Wan’s INSIDIOUS, a ghost flick I loved even though I don’t generally like ghost flicks.  Wan’s talents showed far greater than I ever would have expect from him given his debut with SAW.  His gift for making scary ghost stories appears to be more than a one-shot, as the trailer shows.  I’m looking forward to seeing THE CONJURING, especially because it’s based in fact, on the couple who studied the Amityville house.


Check out the trailer, and if you dig Patrick Wilson and things that go bump in the night, give the flick a try when it comes out this summer.  I know I will.





And Patrick, I love the sideburns.


–Phil Fasso

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