The Antichrist Invades Death Ensemble: THE OMEN Retrospective



THE OMEN creased poster



One of horror’s most important birthdays has just passed.  On June 6 at 6 am, in 1976, Damien Thorn was born.  And what better way to celebrate the birth of the Antichrist at Death Ensemble than with THE OMEN Retrospective.


THE OMEN has been my favorite horror movie since I first saw it, and always will be.  We’ll start the celebration of evil with retro reviews of DAMIEN: OMEN II and THE FINAL CONFLICT, the two sequels that took Damien through puberty and adulthood.




DAMIEN OMEN II quad poster




THE FINAL CONFLICT creased poster



I’ll also have reviews of the loosely related fourth OMEN flick, a TV effort that is a disgrace to the earlier films;  as well as a new review of the unnecessary remake, a decidedly musical non-expertise look at Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack, a literary review of David Seltzer’s novelization, and a brand new review of the first film that started it all back in 1976.  Check back for other new material in the coming days.


All this will culminate in Damien taking his throne as the black child prince of the Hell of Fame.  It’ll be my dark pleasure to induct him personally.


And join me if you can at the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre on July 28 for a 35mm screening of THE OMEN.  It’ll be my first time seeing it on the big screen, and my black soul can’t wait.


You have been warned.  Ave Satani to all of you, and enjoy.


–Phil Fasso

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